Ringing And Ringing And Ringing

, , , , , | Working | August 17, 2020

I am purchasing a few things from a clothing store. I find a few things I like and notice a discount bin that includes a bunch of rings with stickers on them at a discounted price. I like the look of some and pick up one to purchase. I approach the sales desk. The salesperson is playing around on their mobile.

Salesperson: *Annoyed* “Yes?”

Me: “Just these, please.”

I place the items on the counter. The salesperson sighs, slams her mobile on the table, and then grabs my items. This happens when she gets to the ring.

Salesperson: “This is still full price.”

I’m a little surprised because there were many of the same rings with the same discounted price on it in the discount bin.

Me: “Oh… That’s odd, because I could have sworn—”

Salesperson: *Really annoyed* “WELL. That is the price it scans at, and that’s what it is. Do you want it or not?

I was almost tempted to walk out based on her attitude, but I just paid for everything else and left. I was working in retail myself at the time and would have never spoken to a customer like that if they questioned the price of something.

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