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Rihanna Would Be Proud

, , , , | Hopeless | August 20, 2016

(After another stressful day at work, I have to walk in the rain for 20 minutes to get to my bus stop. I’m about 15 minutes into my walk when I see a woman who has a huge umbrella.  We both arrive at the bus stop at the same time.  It’s still pouring rain and I have another 20 minute wait for my bus.)

Woman: “You’re welcome to share my umbrella!  This thing will cover both of us.”

(I thank her and we share the umbrella while we wait for our separate buses. I’m never one to have a conversation with a stranger but she and I have one of the best conversations I’ve had with anyone. After 20 minutes go by, her bus comes first.)

Woman: *to driver* “She’s waiting for the [Later Bus].  Can you wait a few minutes so she’s not left in the rain?”

Bus Driver: “No problem. The [Later Bus] is only about two minutes behind me.”

(Sure enough, my bus was there within two minutes.  Thank you, random stranger and bus driver, for your kindness!)

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