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Right In Front Of Your Nose

| Working | December 4, 2012

(I have an eye test and am looking for new glasses to purchase. I had already seen a pair I liked on a previous visit; they’re just the pair I currently own, but in a different color combination.)

Me: “I was interested in a pair just like mine, but in purple and black instead of blue and brown.”

Optician: “Let me have a look if we still have it in the back…”

(She goes off, comes back, asks to see my glasses for their reference, goes again and returns to hand me back my glasses.)

Optician: “It looks like we are out of the purple and black ones. But we still have the blue and brown!”

Me: “Well, I already have the blue and brown.”

Optician: *silent*

Me: “…right now as we speak…”

Optician: *still silent*

Me: “…on my nose!”

Optician: *completely serious* “Oh, really?”

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