Right-Click Wrong-Click

| Friendly | March 9, 2015

(My friend is rather new to an online game and I’m trying to explain to her how to open a satchel. Note: we are on Skype, and screen sharing so i can see what she’s doing.)

Friend: “Okay, so, [My Name], how do I open the satchel? It says that I need to do it to continue on the quest”

Me: “What you have to do is hover your mouse over the satchel and right click. Be sure to keep your character still.”

Friend: “I’ve right-clicked, but it won’t open. All that happens is a loading bar appears, so I moved to get rid of it.”

Me: “No, [Friend], you have to stay still.”

Friend: “But the loading bar doesn’t look right.”

Me: “But you have to let it load.” *at this point I can see that she opened the satchel*

Friend: “Never mind. I opened it.”

Me: “And what did you do?”

Friend: “I right-clicked it and stood still. Why didn’t you tell me to do that before?”

Me: *face-desks*

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