Riding On False Charity

, , , | Friendly | September 6, 2017

(I’m in my sixties and am on my way to an appointment. I’ve stopped at a convenience store to grab a drink, and as I reach the entrance, a woman, I’d estimate to be about 35 to 40, who had been standing in front of the store, grabs the handle, pulls open the door, and motions for me to enter. I thank her and continue into the store. She follows.)

Woman: “You know, I held the door for you, and I didn’t have to.”

Me: “Yes, that was very kind; thank you again!”

Woman: “I need a ride.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “You need to give me a ride home. I held the door for you so you would give me a ride.”

Me: “That’s not the way it works. Anyway, I’m on a very tight schedule and don’t have time to make a detour.”

Woman: “You are so rude; I held the door for you!”

Me: “Yes, you did, and I said thank you. Now please excuse me, I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

Woman: *yelling, as I walk away* “You young people are so ungrateful and disrespectful. You need to show respect to your elders! I held the door for you!”

(The clerk apologized and told me that she lives only a block away, but always demands a ride home from a random customer whenever she walks to the store to get her cigarettes.)

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