Rhymes With Gallic Wit

| Romantic | May 7, 2012

(We’re cuddling in bed. My boyfriend is French and I’m Swedish. Unfortunately, both of us managed to get really sick. At this point both of us have almost recovered from whatever it was we’ve got.)

Boyfriend: “I just thought of something really sexy.”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: “You don’t want to know.”

Me: “Tell me!”

Boyfriend: “Me taking a dump…and it won’t be loose!”

(I glare at him.)

Boyfriend: “Told you that you didn’t want to know!”

Me: “Now you have to compensate me for that picture.”

Boyfriend: “No, I don’t.”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

Boyfriend: “You asked for it! I don’t owe you anything!”

Me: “Yes, you do! Say something pretty about me in French.”

Boyfriend: *with passion* “Merde!”

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