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(I’m doing some Master’s research at a zoo. To collect data, I have to watch some Indian Rhinos from the visitor observation deck. I do this every day for about two weeks, so I overhear a lot of the stuff guests are saying. It amazes me how so many of them don’t know what I consider to be basic facts, and how many of them don’t read the information readily available at the exhibit. At this time, the zoo has a special dinosaur exhibit going on with animatronic dinosaurs, which may be the reasoning behind this exchange I overhear:)

Mother: *to her young child* “Look at the rhinos, sweetie! They look cool, don’t they?Like they’re wearing armour!”

Young Child: “Rhinos are so cool!”

Mother: “You know, they look like that because rhinos descended from dinosaurs! They’re basically living dinosaurs!”

(The child looks confused, but doesn’t dispute it. I do a huge facepalm. Not long after, the rhino we are observing fully submerges himself in his artificial pool, with only his nose above the water to breath. This makes his horn readily visible. Another family walks up.)

Dad: “Look, kids, a hippo!”

Kid: “Dad, it’s a rhino; look at its horn!”

Dad: “Rhinos don’t go in water, honey; it’s a hippo.”

(Cue another facepalm.)

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