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Revenge Needs To Be Just As Rich(ie)

| Related | December 20, 2015

(A coworker is serving a male customer. As I walk past, I catch sight of his T-shirt, which says “Lionel Richie Appreciation Society.” The customer notices me looking at it.)

Customer: *chuckling* “This? It’s because of a bet.”

Coworker: *smiling* “One you lost?”

Customer: “Not quite. My brother bought it for me for my birthday and bet me I wouldn’t wear it. I wore it for almost a week at the Isle of Wight recently.”

(My co-worker and I both laugh. A little old lady walks over.)

Little Old Lady: “Oh, I love Lionel Richie! He’s so lovely!”

(She walks off.)

Customer: “Although that did tend to happen a bit… Still, my brother’s birthday isn’t for a few more months. Gives me plenty of time to think of my revenge…”

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