Very Revealing What Kind Of Person She Is

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(I am listening to an uncensored version of a song in my parked car while I wait for my friend to get off work. It is not up that loud, and because it is the end of January, none of my windows are down, except the passenger window to keep the windows from fogging. I am scrolling through my phone when I hear a sharp knocking on my window, and I look up to see a mother with her preschool-aged child.)

Woman: “Turn that off, right now!”

Me: *rolling down the window* “Excuse me?”

Woman: “That music! It has swearing in it!”

Me: “Yes, I know it does, but what does what I’m listening to have to do with you?”

Woman: “It is corrupting my child! Look at him!”

(I look over at the toddler, who is distracted with his finger up his nose. I look back to the woman.)

Me: “I don’t think he cares about some person in a car playing music. In fact, he seems more concerned with digging for gold.”

(By now, my friend has arrived at the car and gotten in. The woman begins to scream loudly about the “corrupting influence” I am, but I ignore her. Once we’re on our way, I tell my friend what happened.)

Friend: “Oh, yeah. She came into my store once and complained that our uniforms were ‘too revealing.’ I had to escort her out and ban her after she jumped the counter, trying to get me to take my uniform off.”

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