Reunited And It Feels So Good

, , , , | Working | August 14, 2020

I like comfortable and unusual but not weird shoes, something hard to find for men. I went to a major store and found a pair that was perfect: dark grey, with slightly lighter grey and light grey highlights. I tried one and it was a perfect fit. Last pair in the shop.

Then, I tried the other one and found out why. It was also a perfect fit, but the colours and pattern were different — similar, but not the same. Disappointed, I asked if they had any more in other locations. They said it was old stock, but there was one more pair on the other side of the state. They ordered it and it was seven weeks before it got there.

I went in and looked at it… same problem! They still had the original pair, as well. I said I’d take both. They gave me 65% off.

The sales guy said, “I don’t understand. Why do you want two pairs of mismatched shoes??

I opened both boxes, took them out, said, “Watch this,” and swapped the two lefts. Voila, two pairs of matched shoes. He looked at them for a few seconds and then said, “Ohhhh!”

They must have got mixed up at the factory, and then all of them sold everywhere except those two pairs which no one wanted. I asked him if he was still happy with the discount, and he said, “Fair’s fair. You’ve paid, and it’s old stock. Can’t believe I didn’t work that one out, though!”

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