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Returner Burner: Outside Attack

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I work IT for a big retail company, but we’re internal support only. We don’t support customers at all. One night, I get a call from a woman. Based on what she’s saying, it sounds like the register isn’t allowing her to process the return.

Me: “Okay, before I can look into that, I need your employee number.”

The caller then EXPLODES at me.

Caller: *Yelling* “Why do I have to give you my employee number? I don’t have an employee number! Do you have an employee number?”

I’m confused, since I still think she works here.

Me: “Um, yes, I do.”

Caller: “Oh, now you’re going to get sassy with me? Why do you have an employee number?”

Me: “Because I work for [Company]?”

Caller: *Seems to get even madder* “Don’t you take that tone with me! You know what you need to do? You need to stop talking, sit down, open your ears, and pretend you’re happily employed, and you need to help me, now!”

Me: “I’m going to have to put you on hold for a moment.”

Caller: “Don’t you put me on hold! You need to help me, right now!”

I put the phone on hold in the middle of her speech and turned to a coworker for help. He told me to call our on-call manager and conference them in/transfer the call. Before I could reach out, she ended the call. I immediately sent a message to my manager explaining what had happened. I also looked through my call logs and found that the call seemed to have come from our customer care team.

A couple of days later, my manager pulled me aside and told me what was going on. Apparently, that woman was a serial returner; she always has issues with something. She’d apparently purchased something on an account that was tied to her daughter’s name, and because of this, there were issues.

She’d apparently started dialing random numbers and had eventually gotten to an admin for the CEO.

Luckily, no one thought it was my fault, even though she was doing her best to blame everything on me, although I think that was just because mine was the only name she remembered.

I did have to go over the story with him just because he wasn’t able to get it out of her. Then, our customer care manager came over and thanked me for handling it in any way, and then explained that the gal who’d transferred it was new and had thought, like I had, that she was a salesperson having issues with the register itself.

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