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Return This Employee To Sender; Brain Not As Advertised

, , , , | Working | December 29, 2020

I’ve been living in my apartment for about seven months, and I still continue to get mail for the previous tenants. It’s gotten so bad that I actually got one of those “return to sender” stamps because I got sick of hand-writing it on each of the letters.

One day, a package from one of the “higher-end,” non-post-office delivery services is delivered to my door for the previous tenant. Annoyed that I can’t just toss it in the apartment’s outbound letterbox, I stamp it to try to save the workers a step and take the trip out to the closest store of the company that delivered it.

There are two employees working when I arrive: one helping another customer and another that seems to maybe be packing boxes or otherwise working. I step in line behind the first customer to wait.

[Employee #1], seeing me waiting, takes a box off the counter closest to her and half-gestures to it while addressing me.

Employee #1: “Put it on the scale.”

Me: “Oh, no, I’m not shipping this myself; it was delivered to me this afternoon, but the guy it’s addressed to doesn’t live at this address.”

[Employee #1] looks at the package and then looks at me with an annoyed expression.

Employee #1: “What do you want us to do about it?”

Me: *Incredulous* “Return it to the sender? Since it was your company that delivered it, and he does not live at my house?”

[Employee #1] turns to [Employee #2].

Employee #1: “Do we do ‘return to senders’?”

[Employee #2] walks over to inspect the package.

Employee #2: “Well, yeah, as long as it hasn’t been opened.”

They inspect it thoroughly for a moment, as if hunting for where I apparently MUST have opened someone else’s mail and now want to ship it back.

Me: “That’s… good, seeing as I haven’t opened it, because it was someone else’s mail. It was just delivered today.”

Employee #1: “I guess I’ll just let them know it’s to be returned to the sender.”

[Employee #1] makes a show of writing “RTS” on the package with a marker before looking back up at me.

Employee #1: “It’s fine; we’ll take it.”

Me: “Thank you very much! Have a great rest of your day!”

I tried to be chipper and nice in my farewell, hoping that perhaps she just wasn’t having a good day and didn’t do a good job at hiding it, but she didn’t even reply. Jeez, did she expect me to pay to have someone else’s mail returned to the sender? I wasn’t going to just throw it out; I know I would be upset if my package got delivered to the wrong location and the person stole it or just threw it away! I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but her general attitude was just appalling.

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