The Return Policy Has You Covered

, , , | Right | March 31, 2018

(I am a customer shopping at a music store that sells previously-owned CDs, vinyl records, etc. I observe the following situation at the counter. A woman in her late 50s or early 60s comes up to the register and throws a CD of a well-known folk rock singer on the counter. The album cover art is a drawing of two cute kids in a sort of 1960s style. Despite the picture, the songs in the album have some R-rated language, and even those that don’t sometimes have quite harsh and heart-breaking lyrics.)

Customer: “I want to return this and get my money back.”

Sales Clerk: “All our sales are final, ma’am, unless the CD is still in its packaging. We can accept it as a resale, though.”

Customer: “No, I want my money back. This is filth! I bought it for my grandson to listen to, and it is full of f-words! It’s completely inappropriate for young children!”

Sales Clerk: “Well, ma’am, this is an album by [Artist]. His music was never intended for young children.”

Customer: “There is a picture from a children’s book on the cover! You deliberately dupe your customers by putting filthy songs into envelopes from children’s music.”

Sales Clerk: “I assure you, ma’am, we have no control over the album cover art, or the lyrics. We just sell music. We don’t produce it.”

Another Customer: *browsing nearby* “Ever heard of not judging a book by its cover? The same goes for music and album covers. Who the hell buys [Artist] for a little kid?”

(The grandma customer ended up agreeing to a resale, and I ended up buying the CD for myself. This was one of the albums I was looking for, and they didn’t have any other copies.)

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