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Return Of De Ting

| Related | March 19, 2012

(My mum comes home one night a little more tired than usual. She needs my help in the kitchen.)

Mum: “Can you please put the thing in the thing?”

Me: “Which thing?”

Mum: “You know, the big thing. The black one.”

Me: “This thing?” *holds up pan*

Mum: “No, no. The other one.”

Me: “Is it this thing?” *holds up wok*

Mum: “Argh, why don’t you understand? It’s the thing, the thing!”

(This goes on for quite some time until eventually I work out that she means one of the cooking pots, and I hold it up.)

Me: “This is the thing you’re talking about?”

Mum: “Yes! Yes, THAT thing!”

Me: “Mum, you’ve really got to be more specific when you talk about things.”


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