Retail Workers Need Something Sweet

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I work as a cashier in a grocery store. I’ve only been working there for a few weeks when they book me in for the first time on a Sunday; it’s usually very busy on weekends so they try to ease new cashiers into it. As predicted, it is quite busy. My coworker next to me has a line-up of people and as I am free, I ask the old man and middle-aged woman who are next in line if they want to come through my cash.

Middle-Aged Woman: “No, thank you. He has Alzheimer’s so we try to keep the routine the same. We always go through this cash.”

Me: “Oh, okay. No problem!”

A few minutes later, the old man comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and he holds out a candy for me. A bit confused, I take the candy and thank him. Then, he looks around and places another one in my hand.

Old Man: “You’re worth it.”

He then smiled, squeezed my hand, and left with his caretaker. Every Sunday for the past two years that I’ve worked there, the old man comes in with his caretaker and gives each cashier a candy, but he always gives me two and tells me I’m worth it.

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