Retail Has That Effect On People

, , , , , | Working | April 15, 2020

(It’s truck day, so we’re unpacking freight and putting it away. I’ve just brought something to the stockroom, where my coworker is unpacking her freight. She yells for me as I walk away.)

Me: “Yeah?”

Coworker: “If you see anybody come back here with a box for me, I want you to punch them in the throat.” 

(Getting boxes of your stuff after you think you’re done sorting can be annoying, but you never know when others are finished sorting through their own boxes. She’s joking, but I play along.)

Me: “Okay!” *laughing* “Yeah, you know how violent of a person I am.”

(We both start laughing, and another coworker asks what we’re laughing about. We explain, and she starts laughing, too. I go out to my area to begin sorting through my freight. Later:)

Me: *walking into stockroom with a box* “[Coworker]!”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “I think I need to punch myself.”

(My coworker laughs again and we talk about how we usually each get at least one box of each other’s freight. Even later:)

Co-Manager: *walking past* “Did you punch yourself?”

Me: “I told [Coworker] I should!”

(Some days are rough, but my coworkers make things fun.)

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