Retail Defender, AntiCheapskate Edition

, | | Right | July 5, 2008

(I work in a large electronics retail chain. A guy asks me to find the latest version of Norton AntiVirus for him, which I do. He takes a look at the price and starts yelling about how outrageous it is ($100.00 US).)

Guy: “What the h***? How can you people get away with this? This is a scam!”

Me: “Sir, I can suggest another type of protection if this one is too expensive…”

Guy: “No way! This is the one I want, but I’m not paying this.”

Me: “Sir I–”

Guy: “I bet I can find it online for much cheaper. Heck, even free! ”

Me: “Sir, I think that–”

Guy: “That’s what I’ll do… I’ll find it for free online! Better than this s***!”

(A young woman nearby is listening and speaks up.)

Woman: “Yeah, you can find it online, for free.”

Guy: “Really, where? Tell me!”

Woman: “L****” (Warning: This is a disturbing porn site that I would not recommend viewing.)

Guy: “Thanks!” *turns back to me, smirking* “Ha, guess I won’t be spending any money on this s***!”

Me, to the girl: “That… was awesome.”

Woman: “Well, an a**hole like that deserves it. I figured that you couldn’t tell him that without getting fired.”

(The young woman gets a free gift card; that guy never comes back. I still wonder what went through his mind when the site popped up.)

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  • Trillium

    Well, since you censored it out, I couldn’t watch it even if I wanted to… which I do!

    • Katy A

      It’s Lemonparty. Enjoy.

      • EJ Nauls-Poland

        You are evil.

      • Luke Green

        Nooo, don’t. Really, don’t do it.

      • Moon

        I’m not going there.

      • Seeoahtlahmakaskay

        I’ve seen it. Meh.