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Restoring Faith

| Learning | June 5, 2014

(I am a sophomore in college taking theology. My professor is very intent on embarrassing the students in class that aren’t paying attention, so when she asks a question she will almost always call on the ones that look uninterested in what she’s teaching. If a student does happen to know the answer to the question, she tries to rush them through their answer by making it blatantly obvious that she has lost interest in what they’re saying. I am a good student. I always pay attention, but I usually come to class really tired. The professor is convinced that I never listen and has been out to get me since the beginning of the semester.)

Professor: “Why don’t you guys give me some examples of religious intolerance/tolerance?”

(The entire class is silent and no one raises their hands. The professor gets a smug look on her face. I’m slightly offended by what happens next, but not shocked.)

Professor: “Well [My Name], since you haven’t been paying attention at all today, why don’t you tell us what you know about religious tolerance and intolerance.”

Me: “Well, since I HAVE been paying attention this whole time I can tell you quite a few things.”

(I begin to list off a bunch of things mentioned in class that day.)

Me: “But if that’s not enough for you I can tell you this from my own personal experience. My best friend since I was five is Atheist. Another friend of mine is Jewish. I also have a friend who is Pagan, a friend who’s Wiccan, a friend who’s Muslim, my boyfriend ‘doesn’t give a s***,’ and last but not least, my boyfriend’s roommate has been quoted saying that he once had an imaginary friend and that friend’s name was Jesus. I’m Presbyterian.”

(The professor never tried calling me out for not paying attention ever again after that.)