Rest In Peace From Telemarketers

| Working | January 23, 2016

(My mother passed away when I was 15 and was buried in a cemetery not too far from where I live. Four years later the phone rings and the caller ID shows the name of the cemetery. After a moment’s hesitation I answer.)

Salesman: “Hi this is [Name] with [Cemetery]. We’re calling today about pre-purchasing a final resting place. Is Mr. [My Father] there?”

Me: “No, he’s at work.”

Salesman: “Well, how about Mrs. [My Mother]?”

Me: “Let me see. This is [Cemetery] on [Street], right?”

Salesman: “Yes…”

Me: “Yeah, Mrs. [My Mother] is there!”

(You’ve never heard someone start trying to stutter out an apology so fast. I finally let him off the hook after a couple minutes.)

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