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“Respectfully Disagreeing” Never Felt So Good

, , , , | Right | December 11, 2020

I work at the call centre of a popular low-fare airline. My colleague is chatting with a customer.

Passenger: “My reservation number is [number]. I’m trying to change my travel date as I need to be there early and my flight time was changed.”

Coworker: “Your schedule change was only fifteen minutes.”

Passenger: “Can I change my flight for another date? Say December seventeenth?”

Coworker: “Not in this reservation.”

The proposed date is too far in advance; we don’t have scheduled flights for December at that time.

Passenger: “What can I do about this change?”

Coworker: “The fifteen minutes, you mean?”

Passenger: “Will I be able to cancel the ticket for a refund? Yes, I would like to change or cancel this reservation.”

Coworker: “[Company] is a non-refundable airline, I am afraid.”

Passenger: “Yes, I understand, but there is a change in the flight times. I would like to request a date change, as there is a delay from the airline side.”

Coworker: “Only fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, as it’s less than an hour, the only thing you can do is accept it.”

Passenger: “As mentioned earlier, I would like to change the date, as the delay is from the airline side.”

Coworker: “You can change the flight on the website under ‘Manage My Booking’ and select the ‘Change Flight’ option. After clicking on the link, select the service you require, and log in with option 1, 2, or 3.”

Passenger: “Yes, but I should not be charged as it’s a delay from the airline side.”

Coworker: “Let me respectfully disagree with you; as the schedule change is only fifteen minutes, you are not entitled to any compensation.”

Passenger: “I should say, this is very poor service from your airline!”

Coworker: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Passenger: “My issue is not solved.”

Coworker: “You have all the information you need, [Passenger].”

Passenger: “What other help do you want to give me?”

Coworker: “Whatever further information you need regarding your flight change.”

Passenger: “I request a solution to the problem.”

Coworker: “If these fifteen minutes are that a huge problem, unfortunately, you’ll need to change your own flight.”

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