Represent Your Daughter

| Tempe, AZ, USA | Related | April 27, 2012

(I am student teaching high school freshmen. I’m about to graduate and have called my dad to vent a little bit about my students. Keep in mind, we are Caucasian and my dad is generally fairly conservative.)

Me: “I put up a picture of Winston Churchill on the screen, and my kids kept saying how ‘swag’ he looks. I don’t even know what that means!”

Dad: *apparently internet-searching* “Oh! This website called Urban Dictionary has a definition.”

Me: “Uh, dad, it’s okay…”

Dad: “Swag. The way in which you carry yourself. Hey, there’s examples!”

Me: “Dad! Stop!”

Dad: “That guy’s got killa swag. Swag up, b****!” Look! I found out what I will yell at you while you’re walking across the graduation stage!”

Me: “Oh God, no. I will run away and hide.”

Dad: “My daughter’s got some swag! You b****es represent!”

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