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Reply All-ways Ends Up Like This

, , , | Working | January 23, 2019

(A project manager sends an email to all contractors who are scheduled to work on a project to upgrade computers for a large bank. Of course, even computer professionals will use “reply all.”)

Contractor #1: “Will do, thank you.”

Contractor #2: “Please remove me from emails. Thank you.”

Contractor #3: “Same here; please remove me, as well. Thanks.”

Contractor #4: “Please remove me from the emails.”

Contractor #5: “No need to ‘Reply To All’ for this request! Rookies!”

Contractor #2: “We reply all to make sure everyone got it… so don’t start the name-calling or feel any type of way, [Contractor #5]. Thank you all.”

Contractor #5: “Screw off, [Contractor #2]. I don’t even work for [Bank].”


Contractor #2: “I couldn’t care less! You decided to say something back, and if that is the best you can say back… then why ‘reply all,’ f*** boy?”

Contractor #7: “Thank you for the reminder; however, I will not be able to do the training because I am in the middle of a project in another state.”

Project Manager: “For those of you who have requested to be removed: I will do so as I receive the requests. The other comments need to stop, please.”

Contractor #8: “Please remove me. Thank you.”

Contractor #9: “Remove me, as well.”

Contractor #10: “People, Please just reply to the original sender, not all.”

(The project manager sent her next email using blind carbon copy.)

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