Replace It Or You’ll Be In The News

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(When I am younger, and before my doctor orders me not to, I occasionally treat myself to comfort food at the nearby McKing-in-the-Box, Jr. This particular location has a low-priced combo that allows me to get it and a newspaper for an even dollar amount. They also have hired an energetic man with special needs to bus the trash when people leave. On the day in question, I leave my tray with the still-wrapped burger, full bag of fries, pristine LA Times, and my reading glasses on a table and go to fill my drink cup. When I turn around, I see my untouched food and newspaper going into the trash. I yell and am able to save the paper but not the food. The worker is able to comprehend what he did; I am not upset with him as his prime directive is to clear tables when no one is sitting there. What becomes a problem is when I go back to the counter to get replacement food.)

Me: “I need to get my combo meal replaced. Your worker threw mine away before I’d had a bite.”

Worker #2: “That will be [total].”

Me: “No, you don’t understand. I got up to get my drink and your cleaner threw my food away before I’d eaten any of it.”

Worker #2: “Right. That will be [total].”


Manager: “Nice try. People pull that scam all the time. You need to pay.”

Me: “Call him over and ask him. Or better yet, check the trash bin and you’ll see an uneaten and wrapped burger near the top. Come and look.”

(I nearly had to drag him but finally got him to come with me to check, just before someone emptied that trash bin. I did get my replacement food but it was a struggle.)

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