Renewed Rude

| Friendly | May 30, 2017

(I’m in line at the grocery store, with two people in front of me. A young woman with just two small items comes up to me and politely asks if she can skip ahead of my full shop to save time – something that is pretty common to do in Germany. I agree, and the two men in front of me allow her to skip as well, so she is right at the front of the till and the cashier is already swiping her items. All of a sudden, the man who was at the front starts angrily muttering at her.)

Man: “People these days, thinking they can just cut in line.”

(The young woman just smiles apologetically while the cashier tells her the total.)

Man: “Everyone has to wait, you know?! You’re not getting a special ticket just because you have two items!”

(The woman has by now paid and packing away her things and the cashier is already swiping the grumbling man’s items.)

Man: “I can’t believe some people’s attitude.”

Man Behind Him: “Yeah, me neither.”

(By now the poor woman looks genuinely worried.)

Man: “Right? Just skipping ahead!”

Man Behind Him: “No, I mean someone agreeing to let somebody else go ahead after being asked very politely, and THEN start moaning about it like some bitter old fart.”

Man: “Well, I couldn’t just say no, could I? I didn’t want to seem rude.”

Me: “As opposed to seeming extremely rude NOW? It’s literally taken the lady half as long to pay for her stuff than it has taken you to complain. Please move on, get your cart, and let the rest of us finish our shopping.”

(The man angrily put away his items and almost ran away. The cashier had to apologize for the wait and told us she wasn’t allowed to speak up in these situations, so she was glad we customers had done it.)

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