Render Unto The Diner What Is Diner’s

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(I work in a diner down the street from a church. After services, a lot of members will come and eat at our diner. Some of them are really nice people, but some of them are the kind of people that will leave pamphlets instead of tips, which is the bane of any server’s existence. It’s a Sunday afternoon after church has let out.)

Gentleman: “Ma’am, I left something for you under my plate. Please make sure you read it.”

Me: “Oh… thanks.”

(Understandably, I assume this is a pamphlet until I get there and realize, to my confusion, that it’s a card that says, “Thinking of you,” on the front. Inside there’s a handwritten note.)

Gentleman’s Note: “I’m a pastor at the church down the street, and it’s to my understanding that some of my congregation think it’s appropriate to leave pamphlets in lieu of real tips. I plan on addressing this during next week’s service. In the meantime, I hope this helps make up for today.”

(There were three $20 bills inside the card, more than three times what his food was worth. It was the best surprise I’d ever received since I started working there, and even better, some of his congregation seemed to take his words to heart, because I noticed that, the next week at least, there were fewer pamphlets and more actual tips.)

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