Remotely Insulting

| NY, USA | Related | September 7, 2012

(My dad recently bought me a jumbo universal TV remote as a gift. I’ve become quite attached to it and enjoy using it whenever I can. My mom finds my attachment to it stupid.)

Mom: “Can you turn on the TV for me? The remote over here just died.”

Me: “Ooh okay!” *runs off to go get the remote*

Mom: *shouting* “The power button is right behind you!”

Me: *comes back and turns on the TV* “So? I like using this one.” *hugs jumbo remote*

Mom: “I hate that stupid thing.”

Me: *gasps* “Don’t insult my baby!”

Mom: “I’ll insult it whenever I want.” *tries to change the channel and realizes her remote is still dead*

Me: *beams*

Mom: “…May I borrow your stupid baby for a while?”

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