Remember To Remember ‘Remember’

, | Friendly | September 14, 2016

(I am at a convention located on a university. The accommodation for it are dorms, so the walls are really thin. I’ve gone to bed “early,” pre-one am, and have been woken up by people having a conversation in the hall outside my door. I can only hear one half the conversation, as the friend is further down the hall and they’re just yelling to each other)

Guy: “What was that?”

(Incoherent muttering.)

Guy: “You want me to remind you to remember to remind [Other Name] to do that? You have asked me to do this whilst drunk. By all means, when I’m sober, if I remember to remind you to remember to remind him, I will do so, but the likelihood of me remembering is low!”

(Most eloquent drunk I’ve ever heard!)

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