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Remaining Cool Under Pressure

| Romantic | November 5, 2013

(My boyfriend has just picked me up from school and is driving me home.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, I think there’s something wrong with the tire.”

(He goes out to check, and then asks me to get the pressure gauge out from under the passenger’s seat where I’m sitting. I do, and notice that there is a red rose and chocolates under the seat. I shove that aside and keep looking for the pressure gauge.)

Me: “I can’t feel it. I don’t think it’s there.”

Boyfriend: “Can you just pull what’s under the seat out of there?”

Me: “Yeah, but there’s just a rose and choc—”

(At that moment I look up and my boyfriend is smiling at me from across the car, and I realize that those are for me. I start to blush.)

Me: “You are such a dork. You’re going to hate me, but I didn’t even pay attention to these.”

Boyfriend: “Really?”

Me: “I was looking for the pressure gauge!”

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