Should Remain Mute About The Malamute

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(I live out in the country with my five dogs: two Siberian huskies, two malamutes, and one border collie. It has been supremely cold this winter, and there have been several days that I wouldn’t allow them outside for a long period of time because of that. We finally catch a break, and I let the huskies and malamutes out to their run for the day. Note: there are four heated and insulated dog houses in said run, and a barrel of water that is also heated for the winter, so they can get drinks. My neighbor has decided that I’ve left them out too long, and has not realized that my border collie and I are outside to check on the others.)

Neighbor: “I can’t believe she’s left you outside, as cold as it is! I’m going to call the authorities right now.”

(My neighbor jumps slightly as I clear my throat, and they turn to see me behind them.)

Me: “They’re cold-weather dogs. They live in this weather, hate being cooped up, and have houses that are plenty warm for them. They’re happy as clams since they’re finally out of the house!”

Neighbor: “Well, I’m sorry. No dog deserves to be put outside all day! I bet they hate being out here!”

Me: “Yes, because four dogs begging to be let out in the snow just hate cold weather. If you don’t get off my property and leave my animals alone, I’ll be calling the authorities on you.”

(I put my animals back inside until I could be sure my neighbor was long gone. The next day, I received a house call from my local animal control officer. Luckily, the officer had more sense than my neighbor, and left matters alone. I haven’t heard about my dogs from my neighbor since.)

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