Relationship Status Unknown

| Romantic | July 2, 2012

(I haven’t heard from my boyfriend for the past few days. After multiple attempts to contact him through text, calls and e-mails wondering if he’s okay, I suddenly get a call from him.)

Me: “Hey, are you okay? you haven’t been—”

Boyfriend: “Look, stop contacting me, okay? You need to accept what happened and move on.”

Me: “Um…what?”

Boyfriend: *irritated sigh* “We’re no longer together! You have to stop acting like my girlfriend and get over it. We’re through!”

Me: “What? When did this happen?”

Boyfriend: “Last Tuesday! Just stop contacting me, and let me be happy!” *hangs up*

(I am left speechless. I find out later he had broken up with me…through Facebook. He never even had the decency to tell me to my face. I suddenly understood why all my friends were asking if I was alright all week.)

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