Weekend Roundup: Grandmothers Gone Wild

, | Not Always Related | Related | March 18, 2012

Grandmothers Gone Wild! This week, we share five stories that show grandmas still have plenty of gas in the tank!

  1. Quiet In A Flash:
    When mom fails to keep her little girl quiet, a grandmother proves she’s still good for a “flash” of parenting inspiration.
  2. Ah, Grandmothers:
    Act like a child around grandmother, and she’ll act like a child right back!
  3. Don’t Let Grandma Give You A Puck On The Cheeks:
    Behind every raucous hockey player brawl is a bloodthirsty grandmother egging them on.
  4. It’s Just Water Under The Fridge:
    Having kids: been there, done that, don’t care.
  5. Grandma’s Secret Ingredient:
    We always wondered why grandma would never tell us what was in her special sauce. Now we know why…

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Beauty Is Only Skin Moisture Deep

Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Related | March 17, 2012

(My four year old daughter is in the bath. I am putting on moisturiser and looking in the mirror.)

Daughter: “Mum, whats that stuff you are putting on your face?”

Me: “Its to make me beautiful.”

Daughter: “You aren’t beautiful, mum.”

Me: *pretending to be upset* “Oh, aren’t I beautiful? I thought I was beautiful!”

Daughter: *thinking she has upset me* “Oh, you ARE beautiful Mum, just not your face.”

When Kids Dig Their Mothers

| Norco, CA, USA | Related | March 17, 2012

(My cousin has come up with their kids and parents. I overhear my cousin, her 3-year-old son, and her father having a conversation.)

Cousin’s son: “Momma? Where do people go when they die?”

Cousin: “Well, they go to Heaven.”

Cousin’s son: “Even their bodies?”

Cousin’s father: “No, their bodies get buried in the ground.”

Cousin’s son: “Oh.” *pause for a few seconds* “Momma, I love you so much, that when you die I’m going to bury you right outside my bedroom window. I can always keep an eye on you and make sure you stay put.”

No Contracepticons, Part 2

| New Zealand | Related | March 16, 2012

(I have three brothers. They were all teenagers at the same time. One day, we are having a breakfast-table conversation.)

Brother #1: “So, how do they get NEW Transformers?”

Brother #2: “From the cube thingy.”

Brother #1: “But what about Primes?”

Brother #3: “From Prime numbers, duh.”

Me: “No, no, silly. You want to know how they get new Transformers? Well, when a mommy transformer and a daddy transformer really love each other…”

No Contracepticons

Not in front of the guys, mom!

| Related | March 16, 2012


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