Putting The Dead In Dead Ringers

| CA, USA | Related | June 11, 2012

(My sister and I are on vacation together and are at a spa. My sister is 6 years older than me.)

Employee: “Wow! You guys must be twins!”

(Sister and I stare at each other.)

Me: “I don’t know if I should be offended, or if you should be flattered.”

War Is Bad For Your Elf

| NJ, USA | Related | June 11, 2012

(My sister and I are playing the card game ‘War’, and have paused to compare the sizes of our decks.)

Sister: “I’m rather diminished.”

Me: “Yes, you shall diminish and go into the West, and remain a loser.”

Not Just The Food That’s Cold

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Related | June 10, 2012

(In order to motivate my little nephews in to eating, sometimes my mom and I will pretend we’re going to eat their food. My three-year-old nephew is distracted by the television, so I decide to motivate him.)

Me: “If you don’t eat those chicken nuggets, then I’m going to do it!”

Nephew: *turns to look at me very seriously* “You’re going to get fat if you do.”

(I am speechless. My mom is laughing hysterically.)

Rain Brain Drain

| NY, USA | Related | June 10, 2012

(It is in the summer, and there are scattered showers around even though it’s sunny out. It begins raining and I can see right out the window to my left.)

Me: “Oh, wow. It’s raining!”

Dad: “Where?”

Me: *pause* “…Outside?”

Dad: “Oh. How can you tell?”

Me: “…I can see it?”

Dad: “Oh.”

Me: “Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Dad: “Shut up.”

Weekly Roundup: Hip Parents

, | Not Always Related | Related | June 10, 2012

Hip Parents: This week, we share five stories that show that cool moms and dads really do exist!

  1. Cine-blah:
    Yes, even your mom hates Twilight!
  2. Just Let It Be:
    You’re playing music too loud if you’re told to keep it down–by your daughter!
  3. This Is How You Remind Me I Am Canadian:
    There is a limit to what parents will apologize for, and its name is Nickelback.
  4. Epic Wail:
    One mom’s language is full-of-win, even if her parenting skills are epic fail!
  5. Powder Keg Surprise:
    Moms, Korean accents, and birthday keggers: wishful thinking required!

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PS #2: Read more roundups here!

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