Related To Sheldon Cooper, Part 3

| Related | January 1, 2016

(My parents and I are all fans of the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” and our favourite character is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This conversation occurs when we are all sitting together watching a programme in the evening. Note: My dad has just brought in some food with him.)

Mum: “Where’s your plate?”

Dad: “I don’t need one; I don’t make crumbs like you.”

Me: *sarcastically* “Because you’re so perfect!”

Dad: “At least one of you gets it.”

Me: “Dad, that was sarcasm… You’re like Sheldon. You haven’t quite got a grip of it yet.”

Dad: *does a perfect impression of Sheldon’s laugh*

Me: *to my mum* “The transformation… It’s happening!”


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