Refusing To Put This To Bed

| Romantic | January 24, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are at our separate families’ homes for winter break from college, and I have a habit of messing up his freshly made bed whenever I can.)

Me: “So when I come over on Saturday, I’m totally gonna mess up your bed!”

Boyfriend: “Well, what if I mess it up ahead of time, hmm?”

Me: “Then I will make it, and then mess it up!”

Boyfriend: *laughs* “Okay, what about if my comforter isn’t there?”

Me: “Then I will find one, make your bed with it, and then mess it up!”

Boyfriend: “What if I remove every comforter from this house?”

Me: “Then I will lie you down on the bed, lie beside you, state that we are comfy so we are the new comforter, and then mess it up by rolling on top of you!”

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