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Refusing To Bottle Up Your Feelings

, , , | Right | January 19, 2021

In Sweden, we have something that is called “pant”; whenever you buy a bottle or can of soda, beer or cider, you also pay around ten cents extra (pant). You get these extra cents back by putting the cans or bottles in a machine, normally placed in a grocery store, that scans the barcode of said container (panta).

On a normal busy weekday after work, a lady around sixty years old comes into the grocery store with around five bottles and cans in her walker. She puts the bottles and cans into the machine and gets an error message on two of the bottles. Immediately, she flags down a young-looking employee.

Lady: “Why isn’t the machine scanning my bottles?” *Hands over the two bottles*

Employee: “This one has no barcode and cannot be scanned. Let’s try the other one.”

Another error message appears on the machine.

Employee: “Is this bottle old? That could explain why it doesn’t work.”

Lady: “It’s maybe two or four years old or something like that. I don’t know! That shouldn’t matter! It should be able to scan!”

Employee: “Well, that’s the only reason I can come up with. I can’t help you.”

In Sweden, the customer definitely isn’t always right and employees, therefore, aren’t obliged to a**-kissing.

Lady: “What am I supposed to do with these, then?! Throw them away?! They should be able to scan!”

The employee starts to walk away since she has other things to do during her shift.

Employee: “Sorry, there is nothing I can do.”

Lady: “Do you mean to tell me that I should throw them away?! That’s sick! I’m gonna take these to another store and try there!”

Employee: “You do that.”

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