Refuses To Say Bye Bi

, , | Friendly | June 22, 2016

(After accidentally coming out to my parents as bisexual and being shamed and yelled at, I am terrified to tell anyone, even my closest friends. One girl that I usually talk to about everything is a few rows back on a bus ride, and we are texting. I have been having a really bad time mentally and she is trying to help me through it.)

Friend: “You know, you’re worthy of love. Your friends care for you so much. I care about you. Someone one day is going to love you so much they won’t be able to live without you.”

Me: “Okay, [Friend], I’m only telling you this because I trust you. You’re like an older sister to me. Please don’t hate me for telling you this, but if you do, I’ll try to stay away from you at practice and not bother you anymore. I’m bi.”

Friend: “Why would I hate you, [My Name]?”

Me: “Because my parents did; then they decided I was just looking for attention or joking.”

Friend: “Well, I could never hate you, and if you stop talking to me because of this I’m going to be really upset so don’t, please.”

(Later after we are getting back on the bus after eating, she stops me outside.)

Friend: “You’re my friend no matter what. Thank you for trusting me. It means a lot. May I hug you?”

Me: “I mean, are you okay with that?”

Friend: “You’ve called me your older sister before. I think it’s safe to say yes.”

(So thank you so much for this. After having my family reject me, it meant a lot that you accepted me for who I am. Thank you, older sister. I love you.)

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