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Refuses To Put The Matter To Bed

, , , , | Right | October 5, 2022

I work for a company that runs estate sales. We have some seriously crazy customers, but they mostly tend to just blend into a singular entity of ultra-cheap people in super expensive clothing.

Customer: “I’ll pay $150 for this bed if it’s still here at the end of the sale.”

It’s priced at $700. The next day, a family shows up and offers $450 for it, and my boss says to go ahead as it is close to the end of the day, and we will be half-off for Sunday. While they are going home to get a truck to pick up, the bed the lady checks in.

Customer: “Did anyone else make an offer on the bed?”

Me: “We’ve actually just sold it.”

Customer: *Blows up* “You should have called me so I could counteroffer!”

Me: “The offer you made was well below what the other customers paid. You worded it such that, to us, it sounded like you didn’t want to pay above your offer.”

Customer: *Yelling loud enough to be heard outside* “Do I look poor to you?!”

She leaves shortly after that, but she shows up the next day and starts yelling at us about why the bed is no longer here. I let her know that the people that bought it picked it up last night but that we do still have two other beds.

Customer: “You need to give me $500 since I was offered that bed by the homeowner last night for that price!”

Me: “Whatever money you have given to the homeowner has nothing to do with us, as our contract with them prohibits him from selling anything after it was agreed to be part of the sale.”

She then asked for one of our cards so she could see if we had any beds she might want at an upcoming sale. I “searched” a little bit and told her I couldn’t find any, but she could get on our email list. After she left, I scribbled through her email. We have enough crazy at our sales to not need her special brand of it.

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