Refuses To Hear The Home Truth

| Sweden | Friendly | October 8, 2015

(We are in our apartment, with the door slightly open to let some air in. Our neighbors have three kids; the youngest son is about two years old. They have just returned home, and the boy walks into our hallway, and then stops when he notices my boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: “Well, hello there!”

Boy: *stares wide-eyed*

Boy’s Father: *comes after the boy, to him* “No, no, you can’t just walk into other people’s homes!” *to us* “Sorry!”

Boyfriend: “No problem. Nice to see you again.”

Boy’s Father: *to son* “Come on, let’s go home!”

Boy: *still very confused-looking* “But we are home!”

Boy’s Father: “No, this is their home.” *points at us* “We have to go to our home.”

Boy: *not buying it* “No, I live here!”

Boy’s Father: “No, we live over there. See your mum?” *points at mum standing at their door* “She’s at our home now and we have to go there.”

Boy: *reluctantly follows, probably still thinking he’s being tricked*

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