Refuses To Crack

| Working | January 9, 2016

(The previous day I had bought several glass items from a homeware store. Unfortunately, once I got home I found that one of my glass bowls was broken inside the packaging. I had been careful with it, so it was likely already broken. I went back to the store the next day with my husband to get an exchange.)

Clerk: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Me: *gesturing to the box* “Hi. I just bought this yesterday, but it was already broken in the box and I was hoping for an exchange. Here’s the receipt.”

Clerk: *frowning* “It wouldn’t have been broken here. See? We would have heard it rattling.” *she shakes the box, and we can clearly hear glass*

Me: “Well, it was busy yesterday, and I was buying several things, and I was distracted by my toddler, and we might not have heard—”

Clerk: *walking out from behind the counter and cutting me off* “Yes, I was here yesterday. I would have noticed it.” *very condescending* “Are you sure you didn’t break it?”

Me: “Yes! I was careful—”

Clerk: “Because I’d rather you be honest with me. I’ll still give you a new one, but you should tell me the truth. You broke it.”

Me: “Um, what? I am being honest. It was already broken. I didn’t break it.”

Clerk: “No, I would have heard the glass, but I’ll still give you one.”

(At this point, my husband, always the diplomat, tries to smooth things over.)

Husband: “It might not have been fully broken, but it was probably cracked in the box and then it got worse when we brought it home.”

Clerk: *through narrowed eyes and pursed lips* “It was cracked?”

(My husband and I speak at the same time:)

Husband: “Yes.”

Me: “Probably, yeah.”

Clerk: *clearly not believing us* “Okay, fine, I’ll get you a new one.”

(The clerk then made a big show of opening up the new box, turning the item all around to show us, and putting it back inside. She glared the whole time, and never apologized for her rude accusations.)

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