Refuses To Back Up The Argument

| Learning | January 29, 2016

(I’m in seventh grade science class with a substitute teacher for the day. I’m a pretty well behaved student overall but sometimes I’m a b**** and I know that.)

Me: *walks into classroom and puts bag on empty seat next to me in the back*

Substitute Teacher: *reads the papers our teacher left for us* “Okay, this says to put your bags in the back of the room.”

(The students comply and we’re just about to start class when the sub sees my bag on the chair next to me instead of on the floor like everyone else’s.)

Substitute Teacher: *glares at me* “I said in the back.”

Me: *looks at her for a bit*

Substitute Teacher: “So I expect you to listen to me and put your bag in the back.”

Me: “Yeah, I get that. But I sit in the back.” *gives her an incredulous look*

Substitute Teacher: “I don’t care! Your teacher said all bags go in the back.”

Me: “And I completely understand that, but like I said, I sit in the back. Plus Mrs. [Name] always lets me do this.”

(By this time the students around me have gotten very quiet, watching the exchange.)

Substitute Teacher: “Just put your bag in the back so we can start class.”

Me: “For the last time my bag is in the back!” *picks up bag and places it on the desk behind me* “Better?”

(The sub didn’t say anything and began teaching but later on during the lesson I ended up moving it back to its original area. At the end of class when we were leaving the sub patted me on the back with a smile.)

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