Refuses To Acknowledge The Problem

| Working | March 6, 2017

(I am serving a customer who has questions about the items she is purchasing. She can barely speak English so it’s taking me an effort to understand and be understood by her. My manager has just spent over 20 minutes with one customer and has finished the transaction but continues talking with her over trivial matters not related to our work. There’s another customer waiting for service, who is standing just out of my sight obscured by piece of equipment. I hear my manager say to her customer that she needs to check on something. She then approaches the waiting customer.)

Manager: “Oh, do you have many items?”

Customer: “I have these.”

Manager: “Oh, you will just have to wait until [My Name] is finished. She won’t be long.” *she goes back to chatting to the other customer*

(I see the customer step forward, place her items on the counter, and without another word just walk out of the shop.)

Me: “[Manager], that customer just walked out.”

Manager: “That’s your fault. You didn’t acknowledge her.”

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