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Refuse To Break With Your Breaks!

, , , | Working | May 21, 2022

When I worked in a spa, my boss would schedule people over their breaks. One time, I went up front to get the information for my next client, and my boss called me over to her computer.

Boss: “I know you have an opening after this client marked as your break, but this guy—” *points to a new client* “—wants to get in, so I’m going to put him there.”

This would have given me over four hours of work without a break, and that is hard on your body, trust me. I was already tired and was looking forward to eating.

Me: “No, this is my break time. If he would like to be seen, my open time slot is here.”

I pointed to the one open slot I had toward the end of my shift and walked away. Surprisingly, my break was left alone. I can’t remember if the guys took the open slot or not, but the look on my boss’s face was nice.

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