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Refunder Blunder, Part 62

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A lady buys tickets for a movie for her, her daughter, and her husband for later on in the evening. She comes back later.

Customer: “My husband can’t make it, so I want a refund for his ticket.”

Me: “Of course!”

I refund the ticket and hand her the receipt.

Customer: *Suddenly freaking out* “You just refunded $8.25 to my card!”

Me: “Yes, that was the cost of your husband’s ticket.”

Customer: “That’s too confusing for me! My total was $21.75! I need all $21.75 back and then I’ll buy the tickets again.”

I end up refunding the rest of her money, and hand her the refund receipt.

Customer: “Wait, now I have two refund receipts! This one says $8.25 and this one says $13.50!”

Me: “Yes, together they add up to your original total of $21.75.”

Customer: “That makes absolutely no sense! I need one receipt with the entire purchase on it!”

Me: “Since I had already refunded your husband’s ticket, it’s impossible to get one receipt for you.”

Customer: *Screaming* “You b****! You’re trying to rip me off! Get me your manager!”

Exasperated, I call my manager and he deals with her outside. When he finally gets her to calm down, she comes back to the box office to buy her tickets again.

Customer: “The two receipts added up to my total, obviously. You should’ve just said that.”

I smile sweetly at her.

Me: “How silly of me. I apologize for taking up your time.”

I almost tore my hair out that afternoon.

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