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Refunder Blunder, Part 49

, , , , | Right | December 28, 2020

My store holds a big summer sale every year. People camp out for our six-am opening as all products are half-price or less.

There’s a woman who’s a regular customer. She comes in at least three times a week, spending £100 each time. When the sales come round, she brings all the clothes she bought back to refund them and repurchase at the lower price.

On this occasion, I am serving her and have to put through the refund.

She has over 200 items of clothing. Each one has to be scanned, refunded if they were cheaper, and then purchased again. It takes me well over two hours to do, and the shop has actually closed during the process, leaving just me and my manager in the shop.

After all the work and a refund of £500, which has to be on gift cards for security reasons, she complains that she wanted it in cash because that was how she originally paid, and she doesn’t want the gift cards. Cue the whole transaction having to be discarded and her items all repacked.

I quit the next day.

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