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Refunder Blunder, Part 45

, , , , , | Right | May 15, 2020

I work in the dispute department for a credit card company. The amount of people who think that they don’t have to give a product back to get their money back is astounding.

Me: “Disputes, this is [My Name].”

Customer: “Yeah, I bought the wrong item from this merchant and I just want my money back.”

Me: “Not a problem, [Cardholder]. Have you returned the item to the merchant?”

Customer: “No. Why would I need to do that?”

Me: “Well, [Cardholder], the only way that we can file a dispute is if the merchant is refusing to refund your money after they get their product back.”

Customer: “Well, if I give them their product back I won’t have any leverage to get my refund.”

Me: *Dies inside*

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