Refunder Blunder, Part 43

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(I’m managing a chain retail store. Our location has been doing poorly for years, since the company built a larger, better-stocked location in a popular shopping center less than five minutes down the road. The lease has run out on my small location, and the company decides to shut it down. There are big red signs EVERYWHERE stating, “Store Closing! This Store Only!” A woman walks in with a pair of flip flops and some sunglasses.)

Customer: “I’d like to return these. They’re the wrong size for my daughter.”

Me: “Well, since we’re closing, we can’t accept returns. But our sister store in [Shopping Center] is staying open, and they can definitely handle a return or exchange for you!”

Customer:What?! That is ridiculous! What am I supposed to do? These don’t fit. I need to exchange them. Why won’t you take them? This is horrible customer service!”

Me: “I can’t take any returns at this location, ma’am, because we’re closing. We don’t even have those items in our store anymore; they were all sent to [Shopping Center]. So, if you take the flip flops down there, they will exchange them for you. Just turn left out of the lot here, go straight down [Major Road both stores are located on], and it’s less than five minutes away.”

Customer: “You companies are all the same, just trying to screw us over! I bought them here. They don’t fit! I can’t do anything with shoes that don’t fit!”

(She storms away and browses the little merchandise we have left. I leave her alone for a few minutes and then go back over to her.)

Me: “Ma’am, are you finding anything you like? You know, you can still exchange or return your items. There’s still a [Chain Store] in [Shopping Center] right down the street.”

Customer: “Oh, I can return them at [Shopping Center]? Even though I bought them here? Oh! Well, then! That’s not too bad! Thanks for telling me!”

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