Refunder Blunder, Part 34

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(I work in customer service. A woman approaches with two pairs of packaged kids’ underwear to return. She hands me the receipt and I scan both items.)

Me: “A total of $18.90 will go back on your card.”

Customer: *stares at screen where it says each item rings up at $9.45 for a return value* “They were buy one, get one half off. That’s not what I paid for them.”

Me: “On the original receipt it says you paid $12.60 for one and $6.30 for the other. The return value would be $9.45 if you returned one, but since you are returning both you get the full value back.”

Customer: “No, I paid more for them.”

Me: *again, I point to her receipt* “You are getting the full amount back.”

Customer: “No, I paid $12.60 and $6.30 for them, not $9.45.”

Me: “Ma’am, that is for each item. If you add the two $9.45, you are still getting $18.90 back.”

Customer: “Why aren’t you giving back my full amount?”

Me: “You are getting back the full amount.”

(I type both of the two transactions into the calculator to show her they come up the same.)

Me: “See? You paid $18.90 and are getting that amount back.”

Customer: “I still don’t understand. You aren’t giving me the right amount back.”

(At this point, I’m frustrated and there is no other way to tell her that those two totals are the same. I stand behind the counter and don’t say anything. She proceeds to stand in silence, staring at the numbers, for an entire minute.)

Customer: “Fine. I don’t understand why you are not giving me back my full amount. I never get my money back.” *she turns around muttering and leaves without her receipt*

Me: *smiles* “Have a nice night.”

(I really hope she spent her evening trying to learn simple addition.)

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