Refunder Blunder, Part 31

, , , | Right | October 6, 2017

(A customer walks into our store while I am on the register.)

Customer: “I’d like to do a return.”

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Then I can only do a store credit.”

Customer: “If I come back later with the receipt, can do you the return and give me my money back?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

(The customer leaves and comes back about a half hour later.)

Me: “You’re here to do the return now?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “Yes.” *puts the receipt on the counter*

Me: “What are you returning today?”

Customer: “Some shirts.”

(There is a pause while I wait for the customer to take out the shirts. She doesn’t.)

Me: “Can I have the shirts, ma’am?”

Customer: “You said if I brought the receipt in; I could do the return.”

Me: “That’s correct, but I still need the merchandise you’re returning.”

Customer: “It says here that I bought them. You can ask the nice girl who was working.”

Me: “I can see you bought them, but I need to take them back.”

Customer: “I can show you my bank statements if you want. They’ll show you I bought them here.”

Me: “That’s nice, but I still need the shirts if I’m going to do the return.”

Customer: “You told me I could do the return if I had the receipt.”

(At this point, I call for my manager. He comes over.)

Manager: “What’s going on?”

Customer: “This nice young gentlemen here told me I could do a return if I had the receipt.”

Manager: *to me* “So, what’s the problem? Do the return.”

Me: “She doesn’t have the merchandise she’s returning.”

(The manager tells the customer exactly what I told her. She gives him the same routine about the receipt and the bank statements. Finally, since a line is forming, and the shirts only came to $30 total, the manager gives her the money back just to get rid of her. After I’m done helping the waiting customers, the manager comes over to me.)

Manager: “I only gave her the money back because she was completely polite and was never nasty to me or to you. If she had started to be rude, I’d have kicked her out right away.”

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