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Refund, Repeat, Die  

, , , , , | Right | January 2, 2020

A woman comes in to argue with us about a return she made. She had originally made the purchase with a credit card, and had just received her statement showing she made that purchase. Last week, she had come in to return this edible dip she bought. We refunded it to her in cash, not to her credit card.

She came in because she was not going to pay for the item twice since she returned it to us. I tried to explain to her that we refunded her the cash, so it wouldn’t show up on her credit card. She insisted that she wasn’t going to pay for an item that she had returned. I tried to explain to her multiple times that she wasn’t paying for it twice. She finally asked for a manager. The manager ended up having us refund her again to her credit card. My coworker even told her we were refunding her twice, and she disagreed!

She never did understand that because we gave her cash, her credit card statement would not reflect the refund.

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