Reengage The Moment

| Seattle, WA, USA | Romantic | April 7, 2014

(My boyfriend has let slip that he has a ring but is waiting for ‘the moment’ to pop the question. We’re sitting in a bar that has special significance to our relationship and he’s telling me a story about reading his late father’s journals.)

Boyfriend: “My dad wrote about what should be done with all his properties. Mostly what he expected to sell them for or who should have them. Under the heading ‘lake cabin’ he only wrote two words: ‘always family.'”

Me: “I know you’ve been worried about finding the right moment… ¬†That would have been a good one.”

Boyfriend: “S***! You’re right. Can you pretend you don’t remember and let me tell that story again?”

(It was a good way to break the tension. A few weeks later he proposed and we’re planning a July wedding at that very cabin!)

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